Magic Dinner Show

Allow yourself to be taken to an night full of magic!

Hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching - this evening event will appeal to all your senses! Immerse yourself in the world of magic and enjoy magical entertainment as well as outstanding delicacies from the kitchen.

At the Magic Dinner, you will be enchanted several times throughout the night: The culinary delicacies are a delight to the palate, while magic between and during the different courses will pleasantly surprise your other senses. After the main course of the 3- or 4-course menu, the magical highlight will await you with a magic show (of about one hour) and the crowning dessert.

  • A whole dinner
  • Full magic
  • Stylish
  • Individual shows
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The Magic Dinner - In a small circle

Magic Dinner

The magic dinner concept is perfectly suitable for smaller events (approx. 10 - 40 guests). At this dinner show you will visit a restaurant of your choice in an exclusive setting (we are also happy to recommend one of our partner restaurants). In addition to exquisite food, you will enjoy Andre's unique magic arts. If requested, all this can be accompanied by live music of your choice, ranging from jazz to classical music.

The course of the show:
Right from the beginning, there will be a magical welcome and introduction. This will be followed by the obligatory glass of champagne or welcome cocktail accompanied by a few initial magic tricks. After your guests are seated, the actual show will begin with some table magic tricks (two or three times per table, depending on the size).

After the main course, we will be happy to take you and your guests to our "small theater". This is usually located in an adjoining banquet room of the restaurant. After enjoying their fill of delicious culinary treats, your guests can then fully concentrate on André's fascinating magic show. And last but not least, your guests may indulge in a delicious dessert.

Depending on the room the magic show can, of course, also take place without changing rooms. There just needs to be sufficient space and, if necessary, a small stage, to make sure that all guests can see and hear everything properly.

More than 50 people

If you are planning a bigger event (for more than 50 people), "Euforia - the Magical Menu" is the perfect choice. "Euforia - the Magical Menu" is the Walk Factory's dinner show and has been specifically conceived for larger events. André Desery is joined by other renowned magicians of our ensemble. Experience the diverse magic of Germany's most famous magicians.

Magisches Menue

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Customer feedbacks

Numerous close-up-magic performances, first-class references, satisfied customers and real customer voices speak for Andre Desery, click references or take a look at Andres rate5- profile under rate5 magician Andre Desery .

The Magic Shows

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Stage Show

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Magic Dinner

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